Puppy Baby Book to Publish

The Puppy Baby Book by Dawn Greenfield Ireland is a non-fiction book with 81 pages that looks interesting, but not one I have had the privilege yet of seeing in person yet. This is an introduction blog to let you know it is available and give you some details. We are introducing you to the author too!

This is such a creative idea. It is something we feel we would enjoy having and a special experience. This is a fill-in-the-blanks baby book for anyone who adopts a puppy, just like an infant baby book. Even though I haven’t seen one it sounds like you fill it when you adopt or bring your new family member dog into your family. You know fill in such things as a favorite toy and things like that just what you do in a baby memory book. Sounds fun!! This would be a fun family activity and special memory to have later.

ABOUT THE BOOK: The Puppy Baby Book


This unique hardcover “fill in the blanks” baby book gives dog lovers the same opportunity to chart their puppies growth and progress, as parents of infants do with their baby books. Now, as your puppy grows, you can document:

Where the puppy was born; The birth parents names and breeds; Who the puppy resembles; Where the puppy was adopted from; The first meal; The puppy’s playmates; When potty training took place; Obedience school classes; Favorite things to do; What vitamins the puppy takes; Medical records; Medical emergencies and blunders; And much more.

There is a keepsake pocket for the first rabies tag after it expires, a page where you can place your puppy’s paw prints, a pocket to keep the adoption papers, a placeholder for an adoption announcement card, a first aid kit list, and picture placeholders throughout the book. You will be able to write what you did with your puppy on special days throughout the calendar year from New Years day to Hanukkah and Christmas — 23 occasions in all.


Purchase the hardcover book at Amazon.com for less than $22.

Learn more about the author, Dawn Greenfield Ireland, in tomorrow’s blog. But, if you can’t wait I have shared the link and you can learn more there about her, other books she has written and more.

Here’s your chance for the giveaway. Click the link. Good Luck!! Let me know if you win!!

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Getting to Know Poet W.M. Raebeck

W. M. Raebeck’s trademarks are humorous candor, spiritual stretching, and frequent exits from the comfort zone. She lives in Hawaii, with regular Mainland visits. Her five books to date are true-life accounts, from the misadventures of a sugar-freak hippie chick (‘I Did Inhale’), to 20 stories about art, Hollywood, and spirits (‘Stars in Our Eyes’), to trekking through the Costa Rican rainforest (‘Expedition Costa Rica’), to teaching yoga in Santa Monica (‘Some Swamis are Fat’),* and now her poetry collection, ‘Silence of Islands.’

Before authoring, Raebeck was a film and television actress based in LA, London, and NYC.  She went on to freelance journalism, contributing to the then-alternative world of green politics, environmental protection, U.S. involvement in Central American wars, socially conscious investing, and much more. Her articles were always accompanied by her own photography, including numerous cover stories for the LA Weekly and other papers like the East Hampton Star from her former hometown. In Raebeck’s personal life, yoga and natural health (sugar notwithstanding) remain institutions. As is maintaining a zero-waste household. Animal rights and environmental activism are lifelong commitments, including all-too-frequent bird rescue.

Raebeck’s books are available in print and ebook worldwide, and can be ordered from any book store or library. Audio editions are in the works! For additional information, or to join the email list, visit WendyRaebeck.com. Her next book, ‘Nicaragua Story—Back Roads of the Contra War,’ takes a hard look at a people’s war, and will be out in 2021. * ‘Some Swamis are Fat’ is under the pen-name Ava Greene. Learn more more about this author and her other works at her website.

This book is available for less than $12 in paperback and Kindle version is less than $6 at Amazon.com.

Silence of Islands — Poems is described as poetry for the summer day, poetry for the dark night. Poems that cut a walkable trail through the forest of life. Always with a nudge and a wink, “It’ll be okay.” This collection reflects a lifetime of nature, love, travel, death, joy, art, family, and the eternal questions. A potion of emotion to soothe and move you. It is an adult non-fiction book, but content rating is “G” which means it is ‘grown-up’ but nothing violent or explicit.

Buy the Book at:





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Read Some Soothing, Interesting, Emotional, Expressive Poems

This is available for purchase. Check out Amazon.com where the paperback is less than $12 and Kindle version is less than $6.

Silence of Islands is a collection of poems by W.M. Raebeck. This is 170 pages of a variety of poems from throughout the years featuring different subjects. Each poem is well crafted and it is a book designed for adults, but it has a G rating. That means it is “grown-up” but readers don’t need to worry about violence or anything explicit.

This was an enjoyable poetry book with a nice selection of poems. There are no illustrations within, but a nice selection of poetry in varied length as well as I liked the dates included with the poems. It was a nice touch to know when the poem was written and inspired. I believe a location is listed as well, which piqued interest too. There are times when she adds a little detail note of what was happening when a certain poem was written. This added greatly to the poem.

These poems are emotional and reflective. They are vividly written from a poet expressing feeling in a way readers can relate and share. The poems are soothing for the reader as much as they must have been for the poet herself as she penned them. Readers join her on her walk through nature and life. Her word choice is well expressed allowing readers to feel her emotion as well as their own. Some poems are so clever you cannot help but be left with a smile.

Anyone enjoying poetry will enjoy this book. This is an expressive poet with the ability to present feeling very well in writing. She also presents thought-provoking poems giving depth to her work.

Now that you have heard about the book learn more about the author in tomorrow’s blog. If you can’t wait checkout her website. This actress turned author has her books available in print and ebook formates worldwide, and can be ordered from any book store or library. Audio editions are in the works!

Buy the Book at:





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Author Introduces New Book Release: ‘I Don’t Like Racism’

SPECIAL NOTE: Today begins the new Book Tour feature. It is different from our other blogs. I have not read the book, but I am letting you know it is available. Promotional materials have been provided to us to help inform you about this book, such as a summary video. The main focus of the book tour is to help us connect to the author and introduce their latest book.

Author Tymeka Coney introduces her new children’s picture book “I Don’t Like Racism.”

This book tells the story of racism through the eyes of a young African-American girl, DaNyla, and her experiences with racism as she witnesses her cousin involved in police brutality and she tries to understand why racism exists. She talks to her Mom, and her History Teacher about racism to better understand where it evolved, then she prays about it and decides to continue to dream and hope for change for a better tomorrow as she still continues to fight for what’s right peacefully all while still loving her family and her multicultural friends.

This story will teach all ages, genders and nationalities about racism and it seeks to inspire us all to unite and love one another despite the color of our skin.

She explains, “I was inspired to write this book because I had something to say about racism and I wanted to be a part of the conversation and I wanted to make a contribution to positive change through my gifts and after prayer and meditation this was the project that came to me…. It has been 9 years since I wrote my 1st book so it was also time to give birth to another book and the Pandemic afforded me a chance to do that.”

She tells us a little about DaNyla, “She prays and seeks change through protesting and other positive community efforts and she continues to play with and continues to love on her multicultural friends.” She also explains the name, “DaNyla is- (DA)Dallas where I am from and my two favorite entertainment cities (NY) New York and (LA) Los Angeles and Los Angeles is where I now reside. Her name is made up of three major cities where I want to really push the book to as well.”

The author is an actress, producer, director, playwright, poet, songwriter, voiceover talent and now activist with the release of her new children’s picture book, “I Don’t Like Racism,” which was inspired by the police brutality she has witnessed in the world and first hand. Her first book was “Words Unspoken: Volume I-Deeper Than Eyes Can See,” a poetry book released in 2011. She also has a Spoken Word album, “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Dreams,” available on Amazon and her recent extended single “COVID 19- Social Distancing,” also on Amazon.

Check out the blog Oct. 24 for more about the author — Tymeka Coney. If you can’t wait I have shared her link. It will be a nice reminder too that her book will officially be available.

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Silver Arrow Receives Gold!!

Purchase this in the hardcover version at Amazon.com for around $12. It is also available in paperback and audio.

The Silver Arrow

Today’s blog is dedicated to one book. It is a children’s fiction story for upper elementary to middle grade level readers. Sometimes there is a book we decide to dedicate an entire blog to because it is just that good. This book is one of those books.

This is one of the best children’s fiction books I’ve read in a while and I’ve read tons of books in this genre! I recommend this to everyone. The story is so fun, and the characters are relatable. The author is a #1 New York Times best seller and it shows. Lev Grossman brings us The Silver Arrow.

Enjoy the vivid adventure that comes alive before you. It really is a must-read and is mentioned if you enjoy reading The Chronicles of Narnia and Roald Dahl stories you will enjoy this — so true. It also has a Polar Express feel for an older train fan. It isn’t Christmas themed, but it has the same awesomeness that came to mind as the story moves along. If you enjoy animals, it is a great read for you too. I recommend this book highly!!!!

Of course the writing is well done, but readers get to enjoy a well-developed story, world, and characters as well. The main idea of the book is about some children on an important mission. Their eccentric uncle shows up with a magical train and an adventure begins that depends on them to help animals — oh yes — the animals do talk. You might think how does this enthrall for an entire book. Yet, it doesn’t take long to start you on a journey of amazing lessons and characters leading you to want to know more with every turn of corners and pages. It is a fascinating book that has strong animal characters leading you to see each has a personality. The train is even a character readers grow to know and care for throughout the story. This is an amazing train complete with special cars including a library car and animals for passengers.

Will the children be able to help? Will they be able to do what is right by each animal? Will they be able to help the train? What about getting home? Their family must be worried because they have been gone a longtime .There is so much to think about in this story. There are caring messages throughout this delightful story. It is fun, magical, thought-provoking, and educational too.

This is a great story if you are looking for a family reading time book. Get the audio book version and listen together as the narrator does a wonderful job! It is a fun family experience and wonderful imagination time. It could even lead to some interesting family talks. You never know. Schools will enjoy having it in their libraries as well as it being a great classroom reading too.

SPECIAL NOTE: Happy Birthday to my Aunt Jackie who died in July. She always supported my writing and was my kindred spirit! We miss her every day. Thanks for all the great memories and fun times!

New Features on the Way!!

Be on the look out this month for some things new for our blog. We are teaming with some groups for virtual book tours. I don’t know how well it will work, what to expect or how long we will do this. But, we already have three scheduled for this month and it is an exciting new feature for our little blog to expand our outreach and help authors while also bringing new books to you to consider.

There are a variety of options provided to us in the various media kits. We will try to change it up and bring a variety of books your way. Let us know how you like the books and like this new feature. Some things to look forward to that are different author spotlights, author interviews, more graphics and photos, more connections to authors, guest blogs and well MORE! I think they might be providing some give away opportunities too!!

Depending on what the media kits provide I might post about these books more than one day. Such as if I receive an author interview I’ll have that one day with information about the book and a stay tuned for the next day with a book review. It all depends on the book, the information and what is available to us. Our thoughts on the book I figure will determine things as well.

Stay tuned the next few weeks as we incorporate the changes to Chit Chat with Charity. We will provide our regular book and product reviews with the new content. We shall see how it goes and we hope you enjoy it!!

As always happy reading and may a book always be open in your house too!

Enjoy October with Stories, Activity Pages for Children

It is October and time for Halloween stories and fun. Here are several children’s stories and activities to consider for the season.


This is available at Amazon.com for around $13.

Giracula (Bump in the Night) by Caroline Watkins is a cute story with good illustrations that I recommend. This giraffe becomes a vampire but instead of being a typical vampire giracula enjoys sweet treats. He breaks into a bakery to take want he wants and learns it isn’t nice. The rhymes are just OK in this book, but it doesn’t take away too much from the story. Little ones still enjoy the story and find it fun. It is more a laugh story that is enjoyable to read aloud than spooky.

Night Night, Pumpkin

Night Night, Pumpkin by Amy Parker is a nice and new bedtime story for families during the autumn season. We read about a puppy as he wears a pumpkin costume and says goodnight throughout different beautifully illustrated fall scenes. This book shows off the things we think of when we think of autum from leaves to pumpkins and more activities along with a Christian theme of thankfulness. Children will enjoy the story, the rhythmical sound and the colorful illustrations. The author and illustrator are an award-winning team too. This is their second book in the Night Night series and I look forward to finding the other book as this one was enjoyable and I recommend it. It is geared toward an autumn theme for anyone wondering of the religious element, but all of it is beautifully done. It is a nice family book.

Purchase this book for around $10 from Amazon.com. It is best for early elementary and younger.

Halloween Coloring and Activity Book for Kids

Halloween Coloring and Activity Book for Kids by Happy Harper has a fun variety of activities. It includes cute coloring pages and puzzles, such as find the differences and word search. It is a good option for younger and older elementary age book. There are even some blank pages to enjoy as well. The Halloween theme is fun too! Getting some Halloween knowledge is a great and interesting added bonus. The thing is there aren’t very many pages and there are several blank pages within the book, while that is great allowing you to be creative you are paying for those pages. What they have here are cute coloring and activity pages, but for the price I feel there are too few for me to recommend it without telling you.

This is available at Amazon.com for around $7. You get around 30 pages, but perhaps what I received was only an advanced copy for review, which it was, to give an idea. An actual purchased copy might have more content.

Unicorn Halloween Coloring Book

Unicorn Halloween Coloring Book for Ages 4-8 by Happy Harper is a cute book. It has a nice variety of coloring pages and Halloween information. It is a nice combination of Halloween and Unicorns so it is great for fans of these two. It is geared toward 4-8 ages, but younger and older fans can enjoy this coloring book too. There are blank pages to use however you want to perhaps create your own pictures. So, again with the publisher you are paying for blank pages. It might only be that way in the advanced review copy I have, but I feel I should let you know. Sure some blank pages are great for you to draw your own creative pictures on or write out other ideas. I feel it is worth noting for the price. It lists as 94 pages and I didn’t have 94 pages. The coloring pages I did see were great. Seeing on Amazon it has more pages makes it easier to recommend.

Find this at amazon.com for less than $7.

Learn Interesting History in African American Cooking

When the book, The Jemima Code: Two Centuries of African American Cookbooks by Toni Tipton-Martin, first published in September 2015, was recently placed on my review list I jumped at the chance to review it. I have fond memories of growing up enjoying “Aunt Jemima” products for breakfast and even for snacks. The pancakes, waffles and syrup were a big taste I recall from childhood. I did not know the history, but as I have said before knowing the history of things from the inspiration of books and movies to the life of authors intrigues me. Therefore, when I had the opportunity to review the book I was thrilled.

By 1989, the image of Aunt Jemima had evolved into more of a working mom, its present-day logo.
Aunt Jemima iconic logo and packaging

It was perfect timing with everything happening in the world and the announcements of various products planning a name change including Aunt Jemima changing the name and image due to a call for “racial equality.” This figure used on packaging is considered an icon but is also “based on a racial stereotype” and “prior work to update the character was ‘not enough’.” If you have ever wondered the history of this icon or African American culture cooking in America this is a wonderful book to read.

This is not a cookbook, though it does has a few recipes included, this book is instead a deep and interesting history. It does a wonderful job explaining and exploring the history. Readers discover the importance of this culture throughout history on food in America. The writer shows though how it is overshadowed by the “Aunt Jemima” story and origin of the story. Then she tells the true, rich story of the African American women who shared their cooking talents impacting communities and families with their food. She spent time researching information and even detailing cookbooks for this book including various elements of published cookbooks over the decades. The illustrations and photos are priceless adding to the wonderful details of her book. She has cookbooks from 1827 to more modern publications. The rare “food book published by an African American in the trade” was fascinating.

Her book really does show how important people of the past have been on us today. It shows how much influence has been made on the recipes we eat today. She has put great detail and effort into researching this book and it shows. Her work is wonderful and the photos of all these cookbooks including some interesting recipes is worth reading. Then you add in her history element and how she designed the book chronologically allowing you to travel through history learning about everything as if you are journeying right alongside the actual participants is powerful. Knowing the stories behind the past adds greatly to what we think we know.

This is a book for people who enjoy history and cooking. I highly recommend it!

Let’s Enjoy Reading in September

This is a month with many literature and reading elements observed. There is a day set aside for National Read a Book Day, International Literacy Day and National Comic Book Day. So today we are reviewing books related to authors. Also, the first blog this month marked our 200th blog. Thanks to those that are reading.

Even National Family Day is celebrated in September. I hope you find some extra fun family time for your special loved ones this month too. Family reading time is a fun family activity!

A World Full of Dickens Stories

This is available in hardcover at Amazon.com for less than $15.

A World Full of Dickens Stories by Angela McAllister does a wonderful job presenting the classic stories of Charles Dickens in a different way adapted for children. The retelling is very well done. There are illustrations engaging and colorful for such stories as Great Expectations, A Christmas Carol and Oliver Twist. There is also an important timeline focused on his life as listing the stories. This is a wonderful book for a Dickens fan as well as children in elementary school and middle school. This is a nice way to provide these classics as a starter way to introduce them and prepare them for the full versions later because it is a kid-friendly option of the best of these classics. There are eight novels featured and each story is about 15-pages. A wonderful feature with each story is characters are introduced with portraits, which is helpful for readers to keep the characters straight. We did not read this book all at once. It was nice to read each story on its own. Every couple of days reading a story and I feel that’s a great way to appreciate the works. Otherwise, the stories might all run together like one story, which it isn’t. There is also a glossary and biography of the author included.

Hans Christian Anderson

Purchase this for less than $19 at Amazon.com .

Hans Christian Anderson: The Journey of His Life by Heinz Janisch is a nice book teaching about this creating writer. We learn about him through a conversation from the writer himself as he talks to a little girl. He tells about his life. The illustrations go well with the story and it is designed in graphic novel form. This is a wonderful book for youth to learn about this author making it a great book when wanting to research him or eager to learn more. It is well done for elementary and middle school readers. Being in story form it is a nice way for youth to learn a little about this real person. The idea of this book fits well with Hans Christian Anderson and creates a fun reading as well as educational reading experience. This 56-page book goes into nice detail and is a book we recommend for a fan of this great author.

The Blank Page

Walmart.com is selling this book for less than $15.

The Blank Page: How a Piece of Paper Connects to Everything by Albert Blanco is a delightful book. It is amazing how a blank piece of paper connects to everything. When a writer stares at a blank piece of paper they can see nothing until inspiration strikes then they start writing and see their story. They start writing. You won’t look at a blank page the same again after reading this story. You won’t see a blank page again. You will see everything that created that blank page as you see the story. This is a good story for everyone even if you don’t have children. It is creative. It is one paper with so much meaning. This is one story with so much meaning. The artwork does well helping tell the story as well. We recommend it. The writer is a “world-renowned Mexican poet” and what he has written is really inspirational. Perhaps you won’t look at anything the same again. It does get you thinking.

Days Darken, Read More

As the days of Autumn are now upon us and begin to chill as well as darken let’s read more. Perhaps you will find yourself inside more and need something to pass the time. Reading is an option. When the qurantine time started it was Spring then Summer, which meant the weather was getting warmer. Being outside was an well appreciated distraction from the shutdown of things. Autumn is still a wonderful time to enjoy the outside, but it will bring colder weather soon enough. I know — sorry to some of you that don’t want to hear it. We have some interesting and fun children’s books to enjoy.

In the Dark

This is available for purchase at Amazon.com for less than $20.

In the Dark: The Science of What Happens at Night by Lisa Deresti Betik is all about the dark. This children’s book teaches about sleeping and why we need it as well as other facts about everything related to night including night time animals. It even mentions how plants behave differently during the night, which is interesting. There is so much to learn in this book and it is set up in a creative way. The illustrations are well done in a graphic novel style that will appeal to most youth. Children in elementary through middle school will enjoy the set up as well as the information. Exploring this book is engaging as well as extremely informational. Included are different supporting elements too from a glossary and index to more information sources. This book is a good source for at home study or in a classroom/school library. If working on a research paper this is a good source.

Food Faces

Whether you are in traditional school, at home in virtual school or have a hybrid schedule making the most of it and reducing the stress is important. Food Faces by Deanna F. Cook is a fun way to enjoy breakfast, snack time, lunch and even supper. This board book is fun and full of creative food ideas. Have you ever wondered how to make a owl face out of fruit for your little one that loves owls? This book has got you covered. There are many more ideas too. If your little one is having a rough day it can help bring a smile too or these ideas can be fun to create together. The photos are eye-catching with all types of fruits and vegetables designed into many different animals such as monkeys, bugs and pigs for meal times and snacks. The design of the book is colorful showing 22 pages for healthy eaters, picky eaters or eating fun. These are artwork ideas you eat and you might get some ideas on what you could create for yourself through inspiration of this book. Have fun!

Purchase this book at Amazon.com for less than $7.

The Nut That Fell from the Tree

The Nut That Fell from the Tree by Sangeeta Bhadra is a wonderful book that I can’t recommend enough. If you are a teacher this is a book you must have in your classroom library. If you are a parent you must have this book to read often to your child. If you are a grandparent, aunt or uncle then I recommend having this book available to read to the little ones in your life. Libraries need this book available whether it is a school library or a community library. The story is cute and the illustrations are colorful as well as creative. The story is rhyming and builds in a fun way. If you have read “The House That Jack Build” by Randolph Caldecott from 1878 it is set up the same way. Children will enjoy this story from little ones to mid-elementary as they join an acorn who turns into a tree. See what all the different animals experience along the way too. This is a must read aloud book to really have fun with it. It is also a nice book to help learn about animals and talk about plant life too.

This hardcover book is being sold for less than $18 at Amazon.com.