Recommending Tasty Pop-Tarts® Bites

It is product review day! We enjoy Pop-Tarts® of all sorts of flavors and when we were on the list to sample a new Pop-Tart option we were excited. It is the fairly new Pop-Tarts® Bites. We tried them before they were approved or I guess we were the group that tried them to help decide if it was a product to put in stores. We loved them! Well, we tried the Brown Sugar Cinnamon flavor and most of us in the house enjoy this flavor of the traditional Pop-Tarts® so we like these too. Jackson likes this flavor OK, but prefers other flavors such as strawberry, but like the bites options considering he would like them best in a favorite flavor.

Pop-Tarts® Bites Brown Sugar Cinnamon

These are great snack for when you want a little sweet treat. It is something good for an on-the-go snack too. They are already baked and ready to eat. The boxes have five pouches inside (with bigger options available too) and I am thinking it was about six to eight pieces. These are just like a Pop-Tart®, but it is bite-sized with maybe two bites and are fairly soft. It is described on the website as, “featuring the crust, Brown Sugar Cinnamon filling and frosting you love about Pop-Tarts.” You might wonder how the filling is inside. Well,you do really get enough of the filling when you bite into this snack.

Now, yes the only flavor provided for us was the brown sugar cinnamon option and we enjoyed it. We recommend this snack. There is also a new chocolate option and we look forward to trying it. I think we will like it even more. Actually there is no doubt we will LOVE them. Another option we want to try is confetti cake. It looks so yummy and I know we would like it. There is even a strawberry option and that is something Jackson wants to try and will enjoy!


Enriched flour (wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, vitamin B1 [thiamin mononitrate], vitamin B2 [riboflavin], folic acid), high fructose corn syrup, sugar, palm oil, brown sugar (sugar, molasses), fructose, glycerin, rice flour.Contains 2% or less of modified tapioca starch, modified corn starch, cellulose, salt, leavening (baking soda, sodium aluminum phosphate), cellulose gel, caramel color, sodium stearoyl lactylate, cinnamon, DATEM, gelatin, soy lecithin, cellulose gum, wheat gluten, mono- and diglycerides, cornstarch, citric acid, carrageenan, guar gum.

Pop-Tarts® Bites Brown Sugar Cinnamon

Get To Know The Authors Chizelle’ T. Archie, Freedom Speakz

Write Now Literary is pleased to be organizing a two-month book tour for The Little Girl in the Pink Dress & Steam Adventures with Freedom Speakz & Friend with Co-authors Chizelle’ T Archie & Freedom Speakz. The book tour will run December 1-January 29, 2021. Last month I was provided with the book The Little Girl in the Pink Dress to read and provide a review. I published that review and the link is here. Today there is more information about the authors and the books.

Meet The Authors

Freedom Speakz, born Freedom Jah’an Archie, is the petite but larger than life, multi-talented artist and Atlanta, Georgia native. She is a seventh grader currently attending Coretta Scott King Young Women’s leadership Academy.

As her name suggests, Freedom Speakz is a free-spirited young lady, who never misses an opportunity to fascinate audiences both big and small.

Freedom’s love for the arts parallels her love of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math). At just twelve years old, she is young yet fierce and confident.

Chizelle’ T. Archie, is a native of Mobile, Alabama. She bursts on the literary scene in 2010 when she penned her debut novel, “The Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Diamond”, in which the sequel shortly followed. “His Grace, His Blood, His Mercy!” Chizelle’ is a mother to the joy of her life Freedom Jah’an A.K.A. Freedom Speakz, as well as a Registered Nurse. She currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

How did you come up with ideas for the books?

Freedom Speakz- “Coming up with ideas was the easy part. Most of it was all true. In “The Little Girl in the Pink Dress” where I gave my “Generations” speech this past January at the Commemorative Day for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. the details surrounding that day and how it all started was the entire idea of the book. That day I met so many special and important people in history.”

Chizellé T. Archie- As she mentioned to get the idea was really the fun part. It made it seem so much neater that we were telling a story that actually happened. When I was asked could she recite the speech by her principals in which it would call for me to write it, I never thought in a million years that after that day we would be here! The day was one I myself will never forget, and when she came to me and said she wanted to put that day down in print, I could only say yes.

In five words describe your book:

Freedom Speakz-“STEAM Adventures with Freedom Speakz and Friends” Active, Educational, Fun, Versatile, Cultural

What do you hope readers will learn/discover from reading your books?

Freedom Speakz- I hope the readers, the children will realize they can be whatever they choose to be. They can do anything! I hope they will read the stories and learn who Mrs. Coretta Scott King was, and what part she played in history. I want them to learn that she was a great lady, and she contributed a lot to our history.

Chizellé T. Archie- I am hoping that children all over the world will discover their dreams! I am hoping they will learn that they too can become a great part of history. Even that I they choose, they too can write their own stories.

Why do you write? Is it something you’ve always done, or always wanted to do? Or is it something that you recently started?

Freedom Speakz- “I write because I want all children to know that they too can do it. They do not have to allow anyone to make them feel their gift is not valuable. God gave all of us a special gift and talents. I want them to never let anyone tell them they cannot! This is my first time ever writing. I wanted to do what my mother had done, follow in here footsteps.

Chizellé T. Archie- “I write because it is therapy for me. It allows me to go places that no one else can. I love telling stories. I love putting my thoughts down, having someone read it as if they are actually apart of the story. Making it as real as it can be.”

Excluding your own, name 3 books you would recommend to your friends and why?

Freedom Speakz- “Before She was Harriett” I would recommend this book because it tells the story of Araminta Tubman, and who she was before she became our fearless leader Harriet Tubman.

“Betty Before X” I would recommend this book because you learn so much about the woman that was married to Malcolm X. You learn about her life, her family, and her story.

“11 Before 12” This is a great book that teaches you lessons of going into middle school. It gives pointers on what to do, what not to do. Advice on boys and girls heading to teenage life. It has helped me a lot.

Just for Fun

3 things you never leave home without

Freedom Speakz- Books, Business cards, and my cell phone!

3 Celebrity Crushes

Chizellé T. Archie

Kirk Franklin, Plies, and my girl crush is Queen Latifah

STEAM Adventures with Freedom Speakz and Friends

The fearless STEAM adventurer Freedom Speakz takes a journey to several fun places where she meets new friends along the way. While riding in her super powered yet magical Freedom Cycle, Freedom Speakz, her friends, and yes you too, will help each other complete the wonderful activities that spell all things Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math!

The Little Girl in The Pink Dress

Freedom Speakz and her friends have a fun filled day in the park, as she recounts the story of how her infamous “Generations” speech came to be. In this true tale, she relives the moments from where it all began. As a tribute to Mrs. Coretta Scott King it was on that day she stood and proclaimed FREEDOM for all to see. No one could have ever imagined that the voice of this little girl in a pink dress would forever change the world!

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Freedom Speakz   Chizelle’ T. Archie


Purchase Links

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NOTE: This blog was written with and provided by media kit information from the Write Now Literary Tour Host team.

Let’s Learn More About Author — Holly Sharp

Yesterday’s blog as part of the iREAD BOOK TOURS we featured my review on the book “DREAM IT & do it: 100 Possibilities, Stories, Real-Life Role Models for Girls and Boys — Inspiring All The Things You Can Be” by Holly Sharp. Today we are learning more about the author.

Book Details:

Category: Children’s Non-Fiction (Ages 3-7) with 216 pages

Content Rating: G for everyone

Book Description:

Dream It & Do It introduces children to a wide range of career possibilities at a young age. Readers will explore 100 stories featuring 100 role models, each one showcasing a different career choice. Dream It & Do It was recently awarded a coveted Readers’ Favorite 5-Star Review from the largest fully-accredited book review platform, 1st place for short stories (Royal Dragonfly Book Award) and a Gold Mom’s Choice Award.

Dream It & Do It by Holly Sharp is a perfect book for young kids who want to find their place in this world and what they’d like to be when they are older.” (Readers’ Favorite).

Readers will continued to be inspired through the coordinating Activity Book wherein 100+ activities teach your child about today’s career paths. The book can be purchased as a full collection or in 3 individual volumes.

Meet the Author:

Sharp spent the bulk of her career in new product development—dreaming up intuitive ideas from how to kill bugs to new ice cream forms to hit grocery shelves. A self-proclaimed problem-solver, she loves to think about the things that the world needs and figuring out how to make those things come to life. “Knowing in high school what I wanted to do with my life set me up for the right path. I wanted the same for my child and searched for books to guide her, but came up short,” Sharp said. “That’s when I thought, ‘why not write the book for my child that she needs and that will also help others?”

Three-time award winning author, Holly A. Sharp, suggests using short stories as a distance learning tool.

Q: What got you interested in short stories?

A: Holly A. Sharp: When I was looking for books for my new daughter’s library. I wanted a book that showed my daughter that she had so many choices for what she could be when she grew up. I couldn’t find anything like this book. Very suddenly, in November of 2019 I found myself laid off, 8 months pregnant and hearing rumors about this pandemic finding its way to our shores. 

So, I decided to turn my bad luck into a good luck. Inspired by my favorite children’s book, Rebel Girls, I decided that the best way to inspire kids was to tell the stories of real people. 

Q: Why do you think this format is good for distance learning?

A: Holly A. Sharp: Small, but frequent breaks actually make it easier for elementary school kids to focus on the task at hand. In a 2016 study out of Carnegie Mellon, researchers found that K-4th grade kids were more likely to stay on task when they focused on learning for 10 minutes at a time, with off-task behavior taking over as instruction extended beyond 10 minutes. Shorter, but more frequent breaks, make it easier to learn in these small bursts of time. I think short stories allow kids to take a “reading recess” that is conducive to this short burst of re-focused time. It allows kids brains to take a break, be inspired and have a clear end to the break that lasts a few minutes.

Q: How can parents engage with their kids to help them make the most of these short stories?

A: Holly A. Sharp: It can be as simple as bringing the stories to the dinner table and asking them about who they learned about that day. What did they like about the person they read about? What would they like to learn more about? Each story ends with an activity that kids can go and do to learn more about any of the 100 career paths in the book. 

Q: You talk a lot about activity-based learning on your website, can you explain that a little more?

A: Holly A. Sharp: Sure, that’s actually where it all started. Before I wrote the book, I created an activity guide. It was last March when kids were put into distance learning the first time. In fact, I finished it the night before my daughter was born! You can get this guide for free on my website today. Anyways, there is a great book by Psychiatrist Edward M. Hallowell called Childhood Roots of Adult Happiness. In it, he outlines 5 things that every parent can do to help increase the changes of raising happy adults. As a mom, this was my real goal, to raise a happy child with the tools to attain success as she sees it. I know plenty of very successful people that are not actually happy. In addition, I hope that she can use that success to make the world a better place. In his book he talks about how kids that found an interest and learned the practice and discipline it took to not only get good at it, but persevere at being good at it when it wasn’t easy (or popular) are key traits that lead to happy adults. I believe that if kids can discover something at a young age, that they are passionate about, they are more likely to be happy and resilient adults. I think they are most likely to understand where this passion lives through trying lots of different things first, which is what each story suggests kids do.

Q: What things were important to you when writing this book?

A. Holly A. Sharp: The number one thing is diversity. Diversity of race, sex and income. I wanted every kid possible to be able to see themselves in this book. I had a mother of a mixed-race child write to me a month after my book launched thanking me for not just showing examples of cliche or famous stereotypes. She said that my dedication to making this book for all kids, showed. It was one of the greatest moments since launching this book. When the book was finished, it was going to be more expensive to self-publish than I was planning because I decided to increase the quality of the paper and color. When I realized that not every family might be able to afford my book, I broke it up into three volumes so that families could buy them at a lower price one at a time. I really want all ranges of kids to have access to dreaming about the future.

Q: Thank you, where can people find your book?

A. Holly A. Sharp: The paperback, all 3 shorter volumes and the e-book are available on The hardcover is available for the same price as Amazon on my website at On Facebook (@Imaginethepossiblities) and Instagram (@dream_itanddoit) I share other short story books I am loving, promotions and sneak peek at my next book.

Q: Next Book? Tell me more?

A: Holly A. Sharp: I am going to focus in on kids. One of the lessons I learned when writing this book is that most of the people, I wrote about did not wait to be “grownups” to start taking action. I want to write a book about role models who are kids now and making a difference. If anyone in your audience has a kid that they want to nominate, please reach out to me at 

Find Out More

Readers will continue to be inspired through the coordinating Activity volumes. Find the paperback.”></a>&nbsp;and hardcover on&nbsp;<a

Connect With the Author:

Enter the Giveaway:

Win a copy of the book in this giveaway (USA only) (1 winner).

Here’s your chance for the giveaway. Click the link. Good Luck!! Let me know if you win!!

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Book Helps Youth Plan For Future Careers – Dream, Do It!

It is not too early for you to help your child think about their future and the career they will choose. Starting in youth looking at things they enjoy and considering if it will be a career will help them decide what will be what they want for their future. They get to learn about what is available to them and they have time to explore their many options. The book we are featuring and reviewing today for the book tour and continuing tomorrow with more details is “DREAM IT & do it: 100 Possibilities, Stories, Real-Life Role Models for Girls and Boys — Inspiring All The Things You Can Be” by Holly Sharp. It is a book with great graphics and details about a wide variety of careers to consider.

This book introduces children to a wide range of career possibilities at a young age. Readers will explore stories featuring 100 role models, each one showcasing a different career choice. Dream It, Do It was recently awarded a coveted Readers’ Favorite 5-Star Review from the largest fully-accredited book review platform, 1st place for short stories (Royal Dragonfly Book Award) and a Gold Mom’s Choice Award.

DREAM IT & do it

“DREAM IT & do it: 100 Possibilities, Stories, Real-Life Role Models for Girls and Boys — Inspiring All The Things You Can Be” by Holly Sharp is a Children’s Non-Fiction book designed for ages 3-7, but older elementary will benefit from it as well. Personally, I see it as best for elementary and middle schoolers, but the earlier you talk about possible career choices it will help youth find the work they will enjoy. They can try out all the options out there for them. This book is helpful. It is beautifully designed with awesome illustrations. I understand why this is a reader favorite book. It is wonderful book. I would recommend it for families and schools. It is a nice way to introduce various careers to youth.

This is a quick read with a great format. There is an illustration of the subject and a page or page and a half about the person and career idea. It talks about 100 career ideas popular today. They will learn a little about such careers as writing, performing, business, nature, designing, service, discoverers such as physicists, and more. Well-known people in these careers including Dr. Suess, Danica Patrick, Bill Nye and Ruth Bader Ginsberg are featured. Then a little about the career and information about the featured person are mentioned. The element at each point for the career gives advice if the youth is interested or thinking about the career. There is usually an activity related to help them decide if it is a career they really will like it or not. This book is fun and beneficial to youth. They can enjoy activities that are fun while also taking part in something that will help them decide if a career is something they really will want to do.

Buy the Book

Readers will continue to be inspired through the coordinating activity volumes. Find the paperback.

Meet the Author:

Sharp spent the bulk of her career in new product development—dreaming up intuitive ideas from how to kill bugs to new ice cream forms to hit grocery shelves. A self-proclaimed problem-solver, she loves to think about the things that the world needs and figuring out how to make those things come to life. Learn more about her in tomorrow’s blog, which is linked here, but if you can’t wait I have included links in the Connect With the Author section of today’s blog.

Connect With the Author:

Enter the Giveaway:

Win a copy of the book in this giveaway (USA only) (1 winner).

Here’s your chance for the giveaway. Click the link. Good Luck!! Let me know if you win!!

NOTE: This blog was written with and provided by media kit information from the iBOOK BOOK TOURS Host team. The book review element is my own as they provided the book for me to read and give my honest thoughts.

Close Out the Year 2020 Reading

If you are closing out the year looking for something to read I have a few choices for you. Both of these books are about people you may know — Edgar Allan Poe and Dorothy L. Sayers and C.S. Lewis. If you enjoy learning about the life of writers and what influenced their writing like I am these are interesting and informational books.

A Quiet Madness

This is available for less than $20

A Quiet Madness: A Biographical Novel of Edgar Allan Poe by John Isaac Jones gives the facts of this literary poet’s great life with information you might not have known or maybe you do. You learn about his early years, affairs, writing career and more. But, there is more to it. I looked forward to this book. I saw it as a way of learning more about a poet I enjoy who died too early at age 40. I know he had an interesting life and I wanted more indepth details. There are good elements and not great elements of this book. He does bring Poe to life and provides interesting details about him. If you are interested in learning more or learning about him then this book does the job. If you are looking for a biographical novel you might wonder what you are going to get. This means if the author didn’t find the information he figured what would have happened and wrote that. Sometimes in such a book it is more heavy in the nonfiction and made interesting with the added elements while others it is made more interesting true with more fiction than nonfiction. This one I’d say is more of a fictional account of Poe’s life with biographical information.

Sure it does a good job with nonfiction elements, but the dialogue is lacking and takes away from the creative element. Anyway, this is not what I expected when I saw “Biographical Novel” in the title. Of course a biographical novel is working with nonfiction elements and depicting it in novel form. When you do this it needs to be creative, such as adding dialogue, but both elements need to be done well. Don’t get me wrong it has it’s place and does make it interesting and it is creative. Nevertheless, I was expecting a complete biographical novel, which I didn’t get. Looking at it from that it is disappointing, but looking at it for what it is this is a well-written and an interesting read I did enjoy it. Yet, for a fictionalized approach it didn’t keep my attention as much as I would have liked or thought it should. I may not have thought of the same realizations he did, but it is his determination not mind and that is his interpretation and his book. Still if you enjoy fictionalized biographic novels, Edgar Allan Poe anything then this is a good read. If you are looking for an actual biography of Edgar Allan Poe then this is not my first choice, even though it was worth reading.

Dorothy and Jack is selling this book for less than $15.

Dorothy and Jack: The Transforming Friendship of Dorothy L. Sayers and C. S. Lewis by Gina Dalfonzo is about these two writers and there special bond. Sayers was a mystery novelist and Lewis is known for such books as the Narnia series. Their friendship dealt with admiration of their work also centered around a similar Christian faith belief. The idea of this book is wonderful and something I was eager to read. A Christian basis is found in both of their writing as well as their lives. This book mentions their friendship as well as their own stories of writing as dedicated Christians. This is very informative and the information is interesting. Yet, the approach isn’t as much. The overall organization of this book was also confusing. It focuses on these friendship, which is great but there are other elements as well that seems overwhelming. There seems to be too much in some areas and not enough information in other areas. These leads to a lengthy read — and left me still wanting to know more and having questions. I don’t feel the story was clear. You do learn about both writers and their time as friends. There is feeling and you see they have a connection.

Yet, I am not sure for the reader there is a connection to the book as a whole. The information is there and it is great. If you are fans of the writers that are featured or eager to learn more about the history of their reasons for writing this is worth reading. It only falls short because of the approach to the subject for the reader. Dedication is needed to read this book and it is worth it. Pictures and more from the letters would have added great interest to this book. This is a very detailed and thorough writing, which is great. Still, will it keep your attention? Maybe not all the time. While the information is very interesting to someone interested in history and the work of writers it might not be written in a way to keep you interested and eager to continue reading for hours while also not wanting to take a break. You know what I mean. Sometimes when you are reading it is so well done you just can’t stop, you don’t want to stop. You see each writer and get a picture of their friendships, which was interesting as well as special. The timeline at the end of the book is a great touch too. I am glad I read this book and recommend it to fans.

HARIBO Goldbears Nice Sweet Gummi Snack, Sometimes

We are trying Haribo Goldbears this month. It is difficult to think we have not had this brand of Gummi Candy that has been around since 1922. We also like the commercials. They do a great job. You know the ones with the adults eating the Harbio Goldbears, but they are talking in children voices. Nevertheless, we have been provided with this to try to let you know what we think. I know we enjoy having gummies in the house as snacks, but it is something special if we have had Haribo Goldbears and not our every day snack.

So let’s learn about HARIBO Goldbears and how the little (going on medium) guys like them. They said they have had them a few times, but never ate them considering them as a taste test and you know they take this sort of thing seriously.

HARIBO Goldbears

The flavors you get are: lemon, orange, pineapple, strawbery and raspberry. If you need to know which flavor you are going to eat the package provides a guide. You can taste each indivdual flavor. Sometimes with gummies they either all taste the same or don’t have much of a flavor. Not true with this option. We only got a few of the flavors in the packet provided for tasting — strawberry, orange and rasberry. Each of them tasted like their fruit. The size of these little goldbear gummies are a typical gummy size and perhaps the best way to describe the size if you aren’t looking at our picture is it is the length of a nickle.

Ingredients: Glucose Syrup (from Wheat or Corn), Sugar, Gelatin, Dextrose (from Wheat or Corn), Citric Acid, Corn Starch, Artificial and Natural Flavors, Palm Kernel Oil, Carnauba Wax, White Bees Wax, Yellow 5, Red 40, Blue 1.

This snack is available in small snack packs with only about five bears and bigger 5 lb. bags. I figure if you look you might find other buying options, but I’m not sure about that. This is a popular brand and we can understand why. It is good, but we don’t think it will be a favorite. They seem better quality looking at the ingredients (maybe) than our everyday gummies and for that reason we might get them more often. The problem is the party size bag doesn’t make it easy to store as the big box as indivdual wrapped options. Then I found Walmart has a tub of them online perfect for snacks and lunches. I think this is only available around holidays when you are giving out these treats. Matthew and Jackson said they liked them, but maybe not enough anyway to replace them as an everyday gummy. They think more of an every once and a while treat.

Orange, Raspberry and Strawberry flavors we tried from Haribo Goldbears.

After they tried the three flavors they both determined Haribo Goldbears are chewy with good flavor. They are not too sweet and just sweet enough. It is a bit too gummy taking a while to finish, but has a nice texture because some gummies are gritty and this one is not. Then the big thing they mention is it is not very soft or squishy, which is what you think of when you think a gummi bear or treat. It makes it seem stale. I had heard and seen this in other reviews. Now we know what they mean. Don’t get me wrong it is gummy, just not not on the softer side of gummy. But, it isn’t the worst and it isn’t the best. We still feel this is a product to recommend because the flavor is good and it is matter of preference on your gummi style and softness.

Maybe you will find Haribo Goldbears in your stocking or under your tree this holiday!

Be Inspired by Freedom Speakz The Little Girl In The Pink Dress

Write Now Literary is pleased to be organizing a two-month book tour for The Little Girl in the Pink Dress & Steam Adventures with Freedom Speakz & Friend with Co-authors Chizelle’ T Archie & Freedom Speakz. The book tour will run December 1-January 29, 2021.

I was provided with the book The Little Girl in the Pink Dress to review as part of this book tour. Then on Jan. 13 I’ll have another blog with more details about the tour, this book and the authors. Be looking for it. But, up first the book review.

Little Girl in The Pink Dress by Freedom Speakz (Freedom Jah’an Archie) along with her mother writer Chizelle’ T. Archie is a special story. This children’s story is about Freedom spending time with her friends in the park. She is telling them about when she was asked to write an important speech and she let’s them humbly expresses how much of an honor it was. She explains all the steps that lead to her “Generations” speech about FREEDOM that was written as a tribute to Mrs. Coretta Scott King. This little girl in a pink dress tells the story of how she gave her words and thoughts to the world.

The illustrations are creative not only colorful and help tell the story well, but these illustrations included an added photo element. I am sure you will see what I mean in photo with this review. Yet, throughout the book it is even better and is a nice difference to other books. It fits nicely with the story. The book itself is creative and inspirational as well.

This young lady, a seventh grader at Coretta Scott King Young Women’s Leadership Academy, does a nice job explaining her story to children. It is an inspirational book and idea letting children know they can make a difference and they are important. She does well explaining things and why her Mrs. King was an important person too. Children will benefit from reading a story such as this writing from a youth’s perspective.

If you are interested in purchasing this book or any of their other books the links are provided below. Happy Reading!!

Purchase Links

                 Amazon     B & N  

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Freedom Speakz   Chizelle’ T. Archie


NOTE: This blog was written with and provided by media kit information from the Write Now Literary Tour Host team. The book review element is my own as they provided the book for me to read and give my honest thoughts.

Reading to Feel a Little More Christmas

Maybe you aren’t feeling like it is holiday time yet. 2020 has been a crazy year and the holidays being here some of us may not know how to react or feel. It may feel different this year. Here are some books that might help you feel a little more of that traditional Christmas feeling.

Calm Christmas and a Happy New Year is selling this book for less than $11.

Calm Christmas and Happy New Year: A Little Book of Festive Joy by Beth Kempton is a helpful book. It is set up with many elements that are designed to assist in bringing a stress-free holiday. As you go through all the things that are involved this month — well it really starts after Thanksgiving until the beginning of January — (maybe even before Thanksgiving is when you feel it starts) many things are involved in this time from planning, decorating, shopping and even coping with loss. The author understands and mentions ways in her guide to help readers slow down and enjoy this time. It can be a busy time, but she wants to help you feel calm.

It is nicely designed book thinking of many different things that leave us stressed during this season. It might be too much. It might feel more stressful than merry. Yet, there are ways she brings to you to help bring joy to your holiday. She shares personal stories and traditions that bring these ideas alive for you. Perhaps you will find some calming ideas perfect for you to try getting you calming through the season.

Preserving the Season

This is for sale at for less than $20.

Are you ready to use those preserves you prepared? Are you considering some items to can? This cookbook has some yummy options for you. There are also some ideas for making some of your preserves. Preserving the Season: 90 Delicious Recipes for Jams, Jellies, Preserves, Chutneys, Pickles, Curds, Condiments Canning and Dishes Using Them by Mary Tregellas provides recipes, great photos, tips and techniques. Everything inside this is a helpful. There are many photos, which is wonderful to have in a cookbook allowing an idea of what you are getting and enticing you to making it. It’s great with this element. The recipes are easy to understand and if you are new to canninig this might take some extra reading to ensure you get some of the information right. If you have done some canning before then you’ll have no trouble with this cookbook. So as a beginner just take your time. Everything you need is there and helpful. The special thing about this cookbook is, of course, full of basic details for preserving food including skills and tools, but the recipes are beyond what you’ll expect, which is awesome. Some of the preserves though are not long lasting options.

A Dog’s Perfect Christmas

Purchase this for less than $12 from

A Dog’s Perfect Christmas by W. Bruce Cameron is about the Goss Family going through some holiday woes. How will they deal with this and will it ruin not only the holiday but continue their life down a negative path? Then a puppy arrives and maybe this will be a delightful key to helping. Yet, this little pup might just be more trouble added on to what they are already trying to handle.

He is already a known author and bestseller. He writes the A Dog’s Purpose series and we have read a few. We have liked those books and I figured this book would not disappoint and I was right. This is a well-written book and nice for a holiday read. It is a loving story with true feeling and some laughter too. It is a holiday story that you are seeing from the view of various characters. If you enjoy a holiday story this is a good one. If you love animals you will enjoy this charming and emotional story. This is a well written story with wonderfully designed characters full of feeling allowing readers to connect with the story. A recommended read perfect for the holidays.

Jingle All the Way

This is available for around $15 depending on the format at

Jingle All the Way: A Novel by Debbie Macomber might be in a warm setting, but gives you a cozy Christmas feeling. She is a New York Times Bestseller and I have read some of her books even reviewing them for this blog letting you know I liked them. This is a good holiday story and if you are a fan of her stories then you will enjoy this one too. If you want a “heartfelt Christmas” story then this is a good choice for you. This story features Everly Lancaster who is taking a December vacation from the job that has become her life. She will be visiting her family for the holidays after what she thinks will be a wonderful vacation. It might not be the vacation she is hoping though. It also might be turn out to be a a time when a new chapter in her life to begin. What will she decide to pursue this Holiday season? Will it change her life? Join her on her unexpected holiday to find out what she does to celebrate the holidays and experience an unforgettable vacation. It is well written and a steps out of a traditional holiday story if you are looking for that type of read this season.

Christmas Cupcake Murder is selling this book for less than $12.

Here is another visit from Hannah Swensen in Christmas Cupcake Murder: A Festive and Delicious Christmas Cozy Mystery by Joanne Fluke. If you read the blog you know I have covered several of Fluke’s books and they are about murder and mystery with some recipes that are great added as well. Some of the mysteries have been fantastic and all the recipes have been wonderful. The book series’ main appeal are the recipes to me because they are actually included, which are a nice touch. The stories are good too, don’t get me wrong. I have just been mixed on some of the books lately with some of them being stronger or better than others. Often with her books you need to read them in order to get the character backstory as that part is continual, but the mystery or murder elements are new. Yet, with this Christmas one it is a good mystery and of course more yummy treats with recipes. This story has the charm you enjoy from Fluke and in any holiday mystery. We go back in time a bit and Hannah hasn’t been involved in mysteries before. It is really a great story and fun to see a favorite character earlier in her life. It is interesting. It is a mystery of helping someone find out who he is and a Hannah figuring out how to do that. If you haven’t read one of her mysteries before this is a nice one and good for a holiday read with perfect seasonal bakes. Make a recipe and enjoy this Christmas mystery read! It could lead you onto wanting to read more about Hannah in the other delicious mystery books — there are plenty to enjoy. This is the best one in a while and makes me excited to read the next.

Celebrate Christmas While Reading Stories Fun for Children, the Family

Here are some cute childern’s Christmas theme books wonderful for the holiday. You just might want to add them to your holiday reading each year.

The Gingerbread House

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The Gingerbread House by Laura Gia West is a delight. This story can become a tradition you read every year with a wonderful story and colorful illustrations it has what it takes to read year after year. It is a story about gingerbread men that come to life each Christmas time. This is their special magical story. It is a story full of wonder, laughs and joy perfect as a holiday story. Having a good story like this one with beautiful illustrations to match is a great pair. Little ones to early elementary will enjoy this one. Enjoy the Gingerbread men as they dance around and have a wonderful time with a little rhyme too. You might even see it as a take on the traditional Gingerbread man story you have heard before. This would be a fun book to read at bedtime, but a real joy if you are making a gingerbread house or gingerbread men cookie as part of your holiday celebration. Play some music, read this book and have a fun time together baking. Sounds like fun family holiday time to us anyway!!

Duffy the Christmassy Dragon

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Duffy the Christmassy Dragon by Kate Noble is a nice Christmas book for little ones to early elementary readers and listeners. The colorful illustrations are more paintings than anything. They are so beautiful you could frame each page. They tell the story perfectly as well. This is a story about Duffy the dragon as he helps Santa finish his work on Christmas Eve. This is another nice story to add to your Christmas tradition story reading list. Your child that enjoys Dragons will enjoy seeing Duffy and joining him in his story. If they want a sweet Christmas story then they will find it in this book too. Duffy is a sweet dragon and it is nice to see how his story unfolds with Santa. This rhyming story is immersive and Christmassy enough to read year after year. A really interesting element too was the recipe at the end. It will be fun to make or will is it? Read the book and you will enjoy talking about it and seeing if it is a recipe you and your family will enjoy. This is a cute book to read at home or at school and even give as a gift.


Introducing Oliver the Ornament — A Book, Ornament Gift Set

I am part of the Oliver The Ornament book tour. I am introducing the book and letting you know about it. I haven’t been provided with the book to read, but the promotion items and it does make me eager to learn more. How about you? Sounds fun and looks cute. There is even a second book in the series. But, this is about Book 1. I know I want to read the book and see the ornament. This blog features the Boxed Gift Set that includes the book and the ornament. The idea seems adorable and special. Read on to learn more and where to purchase.

Oliver the Ornament Boxed Gift Set

Author: Todd M. Zimmermann

Children’s Fiction (Ages 3-7)

54 pages

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

Oliver the Ornament

Release date: December 22, 2018

Content Rating: Rated G.

Oliver the Ornament is a heartwarming tale of one family’s cherished Christmas ornaments. The story centers on Oliver, who has been with this family since Mom and Dad’s very first date. Years later, Oliver, now injured and bullied, still has the magic of Christmas in his heart.

“The story follows Oliver’s excitement for Christmas, his heartbreak, and his determination to overcome all odds to save the day. Oliver, along with his friends, will warm your heart with his kindness, humility, and love for his family and friends. We hope the story will bring families together to tell the stories of their own ornaments and the special meaning that so many of them possess. Because after all, “Every Ornament Tells a Story.”



BOOK 1 on the official website:


Todd Zimmermann, the creator and author of the “Oliver the Ornament” series, is on a mission to spread kindness and anti-bullying messages within his charming stories. The first story in the series focuses on a little ornament who faces challenges, but is able to overcome all odds to save the day. Charity is at the heart of Oliver the Ornament. A portion of proceeds from the sale of each book will be donated to various children’s charities. Starting with 5% from the first book, 10% from the second book, and increasing to 100% of the seventh book, Oliver the Ornament is committed to making a difference in children’s lives throughout the world.


Autographed copy of OLIVER THE ORNAMENT (USA only) (1 winner) (ends Dec 28).

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